Our Corporation

Randolph Regional EMS Corporation was formed in 2011 and began offering EMS services to Randolph and the surrounding areas in 2013. Currently, there are 41 members. Our membership is comprised of 15 Paramedics,  12 EMTs, and 14 Certified First Responders. Currently, Randolph Regional EMS employs 2 full-time Paramedics. Presently, the corporation operates 2 ALS capable ambulances, 1 BLS capable ambulance, and an ALS Flycar.

Our Vision

1. To provide and/or arrange for basic and/or advanced emergency medical services to persons requiring such services, including transportation of such persons to hospitals, regardless of ability to pay for such services.
2. To provide to the recruitment and retention of volunteers.
3. To provide or sponsor trainings to members of the corporation to enhance their ability to competent emergency care.
4. In accordance with the above, to have and exercise all powers available to corporations organized pursuant to the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York.

Our Mission

To provide top quality emergency care and meet the needs of Randolph and the surrounding areas.

Randolph Regional EMS currently possesses an operating certificate for the town of Randolph and six other surrounding towns.
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